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pic of my legs

About me


My name is Hagit Gahuzi,

I've graduate "Titan", a design college and specialized at exhibition and packaging design.

I started to work in 2004.


Today I work with High-Tech, culinary, and medicine companies, production and development companies.

My client recommends me as a professional designer, with visionary and wide seeing at the design world, and particularly the Exhibition world.


My inspiration..?

To be a critic of exhibition (exactly like at the food industry!)

Writing for you about a colorful event visited at (same where over the ocean)

And in the middle of that, participate in giving a new life to an old and deserted building,

Which I'll send you over to look and see – at your next trip there…


I'm waiting for you – those who do not know me!

And for you who does –

As always, working hard, bringing my vision and love for this world to fulfill your entire request.

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